Angel’s Cashmere

Angel’s cashmere is one of the early lines UTO has developed.
To make it softer and fluffier, we went through an extensive trial and error process, carefully choosing the right yarn collected from all over the world,
finding the exact way to knit the delicate yarn into a beautiful soft scarf with enough durability.
So much efforts were put into creating this one-of-a-kind heavenly touch cashmere.
Although ultralight, it’s different from “thin and skimpy”. Like goose down, it holds plenty of air and keeps your neck and face surprisingly warm.
You will know the difference the moment you touch it.

Made-to-order ItemsCashmere

UTO is one of very few companies that offer made-to-order cashmere knits.
You can select from beautiful 24 colors, also add body length or sleeve length to fit your figure.
Feel free to ask us any questions about custom made options.